Liepsnose - Ugnies šou pasirodymai visoje Lietuvoje

Ugnies šou pasirodymai visoje Lietuvoje

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Studija Liepsnose siūlo teatralizuotus ugnies šou pasirodymus bet kokioms šventęms visoje Lietuvoje. Mūsų tikslas yra tapti Jūsų šventęs vinimi ir palikti neišdildomą įspūdį Jums ir Jūsų svečiams!

ugnies šou Liepsnose

Studio “Aflames” is a group of performers specializing in the art of fire dancing.  8 years ago, it originated as a great pastime activity, one of many forms of self-expression. Eventually, we came to realize that this is our passion, an activity which everyday life is hardly imaginable without. By gradually improving, we became professionals in this field which led to the founding of “Aflames”. Today we already have our own brand and this brings even more motivation to improve and share our creativity by giving warmth and impression to the hearts of people. 

“Aflames” is exclusive for its fire performances which maintain the balance between honesty and pompousness, communication and technical skill, affection and impact. We spend hours working on the choreography and ideas in order to reflect the emotion and impress the most diverse spectator. Professional approach and expertise are our core behaviors. We are not afraid of innovative ideas and unfamiliar challenges. Each of Your celebrations is our celebration as well because You are the reason “Aflames“ exists.