Liepsnose - Ugnies šou pasirodymai visoje Lietuvoje

Ugnies šou pasirodymai visoje Lietuvoje

+370 606 58119

Studija Liepsnose siūlo teatralizuotus ugnies šou pasirodymus bet kokioms šventęms visoje Lietuvoje. Mūsų tikslas yra tapti Jūsų šventęs vinimi ir palikti neišdildomą įspūdį Jums ir Jūsų svečiams!

Studio “Aflames” offers you:

  • Fire performances of varying scale, theme and mood with our mastered fire, pyrotechnics and sparkle tools along with smoke, flashes, etc. 
  • The amber dust ritual based on authentic traditions which all the guests of the celebration are invited to join. 
  • Fire initials: flaming letters, digits, logos with pyrotechnical fountains in the background.
  • Stage – musical pyrotechnics which will improve the overall impression of our own performance or for any other element of the event. 
  • Sky fireworks: the selection and setting off of the traditional fireworks from a professional catalogue of vast choice. 
  • The illumination of the event or a specific area using our own fire scenography – fire stands and vessels. 
  • Fire tool workshops in various festivals and events for those interested in trying out the flow arts.
  • Did we miss something? Maybe you have an idea? Contact us and we will turn this into reality!



Head of the studio

Rokas Rulevičius
+370 650 16376


Lukas Zmejevskis
+370 606 58119



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